Minimalism Looks Different For Everyone

When we think of minimalism, we often visualise the following scenarios: Bare and white house interiors Owning super few pieces of clothing in neutral colors Becoming a nomad Becoming vegan / zero-waste While there is nothing wrong with these (I personally am working towards reducing waste), thinking that minimalism has to look like this can … More Minimalism Looks Different For Everyone

How I Accidentally Developed My Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is a term coined by Carol Dweck in her research wherein a person believes that his qualities, skills, and knowledge can be developed through his efforts. A person with the growth mindset loves taking on challenges, and is not afraid to be horrible at what he does, especially if it means learning new … More How I Accidentally Developed My Growth Mindset

Is It Okay To Not Do My Chores Today?

I usually do my chores as planned. Laundry on Friday night. Cleaning on Saturday morning. Running the dishwasher when full. Washing our lunch boxes. Cooking rice. Keeping surfaces clear and clean. Most of the time, those checkboxes are ticked. But then, there are some days when I’m exhausted, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. … More Is It Okay To Not Do My Chores Today?

Homemade Pesto Recipe

Ever since the Mister started our mini-garden, we’ve had a whole bunch of basil readily available to us – except maybe this winter, when most of them didn’t survive 😅. But anyway, we’ve already had 2 jars of homemade pesto that we use for pastas and pizzas – and oh, we do love our pizza! … More Homemade Pesto Recipe