What I Do Before Grocery Shopping

Pantry with 3 levels

We usually do grocery shopping every weekend. We do one big haul for food and supplies that’ll last us the whole week. Before we hit the supermarket though, there’s something I like doing. I take an inventory of our pantry (highlighting the items that we should consume soon), our freezer, and our cooked food in the fridge. From this inventory, I get to build my grocery list.

This simple habits of checking what you currently have and making a shopping list have so many benefits:

  • It saves you money by drastically decreasing your chances of impulsive buying. Knowing what you need to buy makes your purchases intentional. You know what you need, and what to use it for.
  • It stops you from overbuying, or buying multiples, of the same stuff.
  • It saves you time. Without a list, people may go wandering around the grocery, or take too much time making decisions on what product to buy.
  • You can also plan your meals based on your pantry inventory. My principle is to shop from our pantry first, before shopping at the grocery.
  • Reduces food waste (We waste too much already!)
  • I personally love grocery shopping. But if you’re the opposite, having a list to guide you can make that trip to the supermarket less stressful.

Bonus tip: Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry! You’ll tend to want to buy everything you see. Didn’t really think much about it until we have experienced it first hand 😂

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