Embracing Empty Spaces

Hallway with a door, floor mat, and a bench with some shoes

Whether it be an empty room, a blank wall, an empty shelf, or a closet that isn’t full to the brim, people have the tendency to fill up empty spaces. Why do we fill this way? Like we need to fill up every void?

This might be because empty spaces evoke the feeling that something is missing. Looking at a blank wall can feel awkward or slightly uncomfortable. Some people may think that empty spaces are cold, boring, and not homey at all. But after starting to adopt minimalism, I now prefer having a blank space rather than have something in it that I don’t truly love, just for the sake of occupying the space. As much as possible, I would like my decorations (or any other stuff I put in the space) to be intentional. They should be able to either serve a purpose, or I should find them beautiful.

Here are some reasons why you should try to embrace empty spaces too:

1. Personally, wide, empty spaces make me feel calm and relaxed

Not having a lot of visual distractions relaxes and de-stresses me. On the other hand, too many decorations and stuff can seem suffocating. With all the information that we are bombarded with every day, it’s nice to have a little break and just see white, empty space.

2. Less stuff to clean

Who wouldn’t want that? 😊

3. It can make the pieces that you already have stand out

If there are too many items in your space, every single one would be trying to grab your attention. But if you have just a couple of pieces surrounded by blank space, then you can give your focus on these few pieces that you really like.

4. Empty spaces can help people become more focused and creative

This just doesn’t apply to the home. Work spaces and classrooms with just the right amount of visual cues can help lessen distractions. And bright ideas appear in slow, boring, moments when our mind isn’t busy.

“When I stop trying to fill my empty spaces, I leave room for glory.” – Christie Purifoy

This is just a simple reminder that you do not have to fill up a space if you don’t need or want to. Now, if you have a particular piece of art that would be perfect for that wall, and seeing it would make you happy every time, then by all means, hang that painting. 💜

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