6 Tips to Avoid Burnout

Wild flowers on a sunny day

Whether you are working on one or multiple jobs, running a business, or a full-time mom, you can be susceptible to burnout, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Burnout is a state of continuous overwhelm and stress that can lead to physical and emotional fatigue. You don’t feel engaged at work, don’t want to go to work, and everyday is just a bad day.

The key to avoiding burnout is to manage stress before you actually burnout. Here are some tips that can help you if you already see some signs of chronic stress:

1. “I hope I get to help someone today”

This simple shift in mindset takes the focus from your everyday stress to adding value to your work by helping someone else. You may be sick of your everyday tasks, but seeing how it can assist someone else – may he be asking you for a simple favor, or asking for your expert opinion – takes your focus away from the negative feelings you have towards work.

2. Let nature recharge you

You don’t have to go hiking or go to a beach to decrease stress (although that would be great as well). Having a little plant on your desk, or stepping out for a few minutes to walk breathe in some fresh air, and get some sunshine can do the trick as well.

3. Set boundaries

Re-evaluate your priorities. Which aspects of your life are really important to you? Based on what you think is important in your life, start saying “no” to those extra commitments that are pretty low on your priority list.

4. Regular self-care habits

Self-care does not have to be extravagant. It can be little things that you do for yourself daily. Try meditating to help calm down negative emotions. Or take a few minutes for skin care. Or maybe set aside some time to exercise. The important thing is that you regularly set some time to do something for yourself.

5. Take time-off

Take a leave if you feel that you need it. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Do something that you enjoy, without feeling guilty of being unproductive. You deserve a break once in a while.

6. Reconnect

We can get sucked into our daily grind that we forget that we are social beings. Reconnect with friends and family. If you can’t physically spend time with them, there are many ways that we can still connect and see how the each other is doing.

Good luck! 👍

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