What Do I Want For My Birthday?

Sun rays peeking through the trees

The Mister asked me what I wanted for my birthday. In the past, it probably would have been some new gadget, or jewelry, or maybe some new clothes. I thought about it for a couple of days… I wanted some new shoes, but I found nothing that I particularly loved. I definitely don’t need a new phone right now. I also think I have enough rings, necklaces, and watches. My skincare stash can still last a couple of months. I thought about household items such as duvet covers, but I figured that we don’t really need a lot of those.

So my conclusion was – I don’t want any material stuff for my birthday. Well, maybe a small bouquet of flowers – that would be nice. I found that I prefer experiences now. Maybe a good dinner in a new restaurant. Or a quick trip somewhere on the weekend. Or a baking class – ooh that would be fun!

This minimalism thing really got me, huh? 😊

Aside from new experiences, what I really wish for is clarity and patience in finding my purpose. That I might be able to align my work and daily activities to what I am truly meant to do. 34 years and I feel like I’m still not 100% aligned to my purpose, so wish me luck on that 🙏 But all in all, I feel extremely grateful – for the heaps of blessings that I received and the many more that are on their way!

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