How To Incorporate Self-Care At Work

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We often think of self-care as something to do before or after work – whether it’s doing a DIY spa session, working out, meditating, or doing your favorite hobby. But what about the rest of the day, when you’re doing your 9-5 or when you’re working from home? Having a stressful job makes it more important to assimilate self-care to work. Here are a couple of easy ideas on how to do it:

Take mini-breaks to get up and move

This might be the most common tip on wellbeing at the workplace, but it is still worth mentioning. Sitting at your desk for endless hours can take a toll on your health. Take mini-breaks every 30 minutes or 1 hour to get up and stretch your legs. Maybe take a quick walk to make yourself some coffee or have a quick chat with a colleague.

Use essential oils

You don’t need a diffuser in order to do this. I usually keep a bottle in my bag so I can take a sniff any time I feel like I need a pick-me-up. Sometimes I’d dab it on my wrist. Orange and lavender are my favorites, especially when it’s a particularly stressful day (hello, back to back to back meetings!)

Enjoy music (quietly)

Have your favorite playlist ready and get motivated! Music can do different things to your mood and everyone’s preference is different. When I have a huge task to do, I usually put on some jazz or bossa nova music. When I feel super stressed, I listen to spa and meditation music to calm me down. To each his own – just remember to be considerate to your workmates and put on earphones. Bonus: you get to block out distractions as well!

Keep your workspace clutter-free

Take a couple of minutes to clear the clutter off your desk. File papers (or discard if no longer needed), put all those cups back in the kitchen, and maybe give your desk a little wipe down. Having a clear workspace makes you feel like you can breathe easier.

Do the 5 senses mindfulness exercise

The 5 senses mindfulness exercise is super easy to do. The idea is to engage your senses and name 5 things that you see, 4 things that you can feel, 3 things that you can hear, 2 things that you can smell, and 1 that you can taste. I use this technique when I am overwhelmed or anxious, and it helps me calm down. Pairing it with deep breathing makes it more effective.

With stress being part of any job, it is important to take care of your wellbeing. Little acts of self-care can go a long way for your health and productivity. Good luck! 👍

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