My Typical GYST Day

Coffee and plant in a table, with a couch at the back

Most of the time, we get so busy with our jobs (or businesses), that we let it take up most of our time and energy. When this happens, stuff to do that are the lowest in our priority list get left out. They may seem unimportant, but when they pile up, they can get messy. Hence, it’s a good idea to have a regular GYST (Get your sh*t together) day. I first heard about GYST days from YouTuber, Kalyn Nicholson. There are no hard rules on GYST days and you can tailor it to your own schedule and needs. The main idea is to set a day wherein you take care of all (or most of) the little things that you have left out – may it be as simple as doing chores, booking appointments, or doing some self-care, or something deeper such as reconnecting with friends and family or working on a passion project. It’s all up to you! 😊

Personally, I like to do this weekly. I also want to keep Sundays free, and half of Saturday if possible. So I usually start GYST-ing on a Friday night and continue until Saturday morning. Below are things that I typically do on my GYST day. Some I do regularly, some not as much. Have a look if there are some ideas that you might want to do when you have your own GYST day:

  1. Do the laundry
  2. Do grocery shopping for the week
  3. Clean the house
  4. Put hair in a coconut oil bun
  5. Put on a face mask (I should probably do this more often and give my skin a bit more love)
  6. Batch cook for the week (Disclaimer: The Mister helps a lot with this one)
  7. Get on top of finances – schedule payments, review budget, etc. (I seriously recommend that you allot some time to do this.)
  8. Write/brainstorm for the blog

Some of the more infrequent GYST day activities may be scrubbing the shower, deep cleaning the oven, organizing the closet. Sounds boring, I know. Some tasks even seem daunting. But when everything’s done, I can freely enjoy the rest of my weekend, knowing I got those things out of the way.

Whatever is in your to-do list, it just feels awesome when you get it done and feel like you’re getting your sh*t together. Happy GYST-ing! πŸ‘

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