My 5-Minute 5-Product Makeup Routine

Powder foundation, BB cream, eyeliner, blush, and lip color

I was never really a make-up enthusiast. I never learned how to do a winged eyeliner, or smokey eyes, or contouring. But I do put a bit of make-up on when I go out of the house. I used to own a lot more make-up in my twenties, having different shades of eyeshadow and blush and lip color and lip gloss, but still fairly few compared to a true make-up fan. So when Sephora and Mecca opened in Auckland, I really wasn’t that interested, which is a good thing since I didn’t have to queue for hours 😄. Nowadays, I have pared down a lot. I can count the number of products that I own with my fingers, so I can easily do my make-up in 5 minutes – including the prep work. You know, clean your face, moisturize, put on lip balm, etc. 

5 Super Easy Steps:

1. BB Cream – I used to use liquid foundation, but I just found it too heavy for me. BB Cream is just right, and I feel like my skin can still breathe. So yeah, you can still see my sun spots and imperfections, but I’m completely fine with that (hello there, hormonal acne!) And I just use my fingers to put it on. Never really owned one of those beauty blenders.

2. Powder Foundation – Because normal pressed powder can’t do for my oily skin. Back in the Philippines (where it can get super hot), I used to retouch on powder every 2 hours or so. Now, I just retouch once a day.

3. Blush – Just a teeny tiny bit, so one small pot of blush lasts me a long time. I used to have multiple shades, but now I just buy one and use it up before switching to another shade.

4. Eyeliner – I cannot manage liquid eyeliner, so an automatic pencil eyeliner is my best bet. I also used to use mascara, but I just became too lazy to try to get it out every night. Now I just use it when there’s an occasion of some sort.

5. Lip color – I have two lip colors, a red one and a more natural-looking one. I just like to dab it a bit and then purse my lips to spread it.

Aaand done! The Mister actually takes longer to fix his hair (he has long hair which he puts in a ponytail or bun) 😅. I also leave everything else at home, except for the powder foundation and lip color, for quick retouches. I would love to get to a point where all my make-up is made of natural ingredients, maybe even DIY. But right now, the “buy one and use it up” method works best for me. How about you? Are you a make-up enthusiast or make-up minimalist?

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