Is It Okay To Not Do My Chores Today?

An empty bench in the middle of a park

I usually do my chores as planned. Laundry on Friday night. Cleaning on Saturday morning. Running the dishwasher when full. Washing our lunch boxes. Cooking rice. Keeping surfaces clear and clean. Most of the time, those checkboxes are ticked. But then, there are some days when I’m exhausted, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. It may be a particularly crazy day at work. Or maybe I’m going through some tough emotional times when I need a good cry and a hug. It’s during these days that I ask myself (even the Mister, sometimes), “is it okay to not do my chores today?”

Short answer, yes. While it is better to be on top of your to-do list and not let your tasks and responsibilities pile up, there are times when you need to take care of yourself first, guilt-free. So yes, put your feet up and have a rest. Take time to figure out your thoughts and feelings. Spend some minutes (or hours) to reflect and pray. Call it an early night and sleep way before your bedtime. Your chores can wait another day. Recharge until you’re ready to take on the world – or the dishes, at least. I’m here to tell you that everyone has these days, and it’s okay. 💜

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