Minimalism Looks Different For Everyone

Clear light bulb of a lamp in the living area

When we think of minimalism, we often visualise the following scenarios:

  • Bare and white house interiors
  • Owning super few pieces of clothing in neutral colors
  • Becoming a nomad
  • Becoming vegan / zero-waste

While there is nothing wrong with these (I personally am working towards reducing waste), thinking that minimalism has to look like this can hinder people from actually giving it a try. Minimalism is basically about keeping what’s essential and discarding other unimportant stuff. There is no hard rule for minimalism because each person’s lifestyle, circumstance, interests, and priorities are different. For example, I am a minimalist, but I can’t live out of a backpack. I want to have furniture, live comfortably, and be able to accommodate guests at home. The Mister and I like to cook on weekends as well, so we need to have kitchen stuff and different ingredients.

There are extreme minimalists that are able to live and thrive with just the bare minimum, just like Youheum from Heal Your Living. While I respect their lifestyle choice (and find it interesting too, I get a lot of new insights), it’s just not for me at this point. So I do minimalism in a way that suits my lifestyle and priorities. That means keeping my house decorations, appliances, and make-up products at a minimum, and just having enough clothes, shoes, and beddings.

For those who are just beginning their minimalism journey, or at least thinking about it, don’t give minimalism a picture – it doesn’t have to look a certain way. It will look different for everyone on different seasons of their lives. Remember that minimalism is not an end-point, but an ongoing journey. And if you feel intimidated by it, there’s no need to rush. Just take it one day at a time.

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