Personal Finance: Be Honest With Yourself

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor. I am just sharing what works for me in terms of personal finance.

Eyeglasses, notebook, and pen

When it comes to our financial situation, it can be really easy to turn a blind eye and lie to ourselves, especially when we feel stuck in an already bad position. There are many ways that we can do this, such as:

  • Avoiding looking at our bills
  • Justifying our financial decisions, even if we already know that it’s a bad decision
  • Telling ourselves that we’re not spending that much (because we’re using a credit card)
  • Pointing fingers and blaming our circumstances
  • Expecting/waiting for someone else to pay off our debt
  • Telling ourselves that it’s not a big deal

Sound familiar? I know it can be disappointing, overwhelming, and even painful to think about your current financial situation when you’re buried in debt. It’s a lot easier and more comfortable to just sweep it under the rug, rather than face reality. But you should realise that doing this won’t help you in the long run. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t acknowledge that it exists. Besides, reality will always catches up with you sooner or later. The journey to a healthy financial life is long, but the first step is to be honest with yourself about your financial situation and money habits. 

What’s really driving your money behaviors? Is there an underlying emotional reason for living way above your means? What are your financial mindsets that are doing you more harm than good? Answering these questions honestly may be difficult, but taking a hard look at yourself and your actions will take you one step closer to financial stability. Good luck!

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