Our Cheap Life Upgrades

Ground coffee, coffee maker, and stick frother

As a frugal minimalist, I try my best to make every purchase count. The stuff that enters our home should be either useful or beautiful. Over the past months, we have been intentionally purchasing a few things that have improved our everyday lives. Now, these aren’t expensive or high-tech stuff (simple living, right?), but we love them! 

Coffee maker

For the longest time, we’ve always had instant coffee in the morning. And while nothing’s wrong with that, brewed coffee is just so much better. 

Stick frother

This must be one of the best purchases I made for 2.50NZD. We use it not just for coffee but for tea lattes as well. Plus it’s pretty easy to clean.

Clip-lid / Glass containers

Although I am still re-using a lot of plastic containers, we’ve started buying a few glass containers as well. They are great for keeping food fresh and for bringing packed lunch at work.

Wax melts

We use wax melts in our bathroom. We used to buy air freshener sprays, but as time passed, I didn’t like the artificial smell of it anymore. Now we have a bathroom that can smell like pine trees, or salted caramel, or prosecco 💜

Wire baskets

Definitely one of the best things we bought to organise our cabinets and pantry. We have baskets for our snacks, condiments, canned goods, our hair dryer, and even the Mister’s socks. If you’d rather not spend anything, used boxes can work as well.


We didn’t own any bathrobes back in the Philippines. If we used it (in a hotel, for example), it would only be used after a shower. Here in New Zealand, bathrobes are used when you wake up and at night, especially during the cold season. We used to layer up on sweaters and jackets (even indoors) during winter. And when I saw some of my friends using bathrobes instead, I was like “why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

Bonus: Knitted throw

It’s just much cosier to lounge on the couch and have a knitted throw over you during the cold season.

Life upgrades don’t have to be expensive. Simple, cheap things can upgrade your everyday life and make you just a bit more comfortable. Anything else that you can recommend?

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