Getting Ready For Spring

Cherry blossom flowers

It’s that time of the year when spring is just around the corner. The flowers are starting to bloom, but it’s not quite warm just yet. Thankfully, we don’t need to deal with snow during winter here in Auckland. But I am sooo ready for longer daylight already! 

Honestly, we’re pretty new at this spring cleaning thing. We didn’t really do any of that in our previous studio apartment. But here are some things to get us (and our home) ready for spring, and you can do them too!

1. Let the air in

Keeping your doors and windows closed during the cold season will leave stagnant air inside your home. Open your windows for a few hours to improve your indoor air quality almost instantly.

2. Organise and declutter the closet

Of course you’ll have to pack up your winter jackets and get out your clothes for the warmer weather. But while you’re doing that, check your clothes, shoes, and even accessories for items that you can sell, donate or discard. If haven’t worn it all winter, it may be time for it to go.

3. Organise the pantry and fridge

Now is a good time to check your pantry and fridge for expired food to throw out. Give them a wipe down too – we often forget to do this bit. It would also help if you place items that are about to expire somewhere you can easily see them, so you can use them up. You can do this for your medicine and supply cabinet as well.

4. Pack up the winter things

Wash and store your duvet. Store away your heaters. Change the knitted throws into something lighter.

5. Mop the floor and clean the windows

Give your floor some TLC and mop it. GIve your windows a good wipe to let more sunshine into your home. We can all use a little bit more sunlight.

6. Swap the fake flower centerpiece with real flowers

Replace those fake flowers you bought for the cold season and take advantage of the beautiful fresh flowers outside. Sometimes we even use ferns and other foliage as inexpensive/free decor. Maybe add a potted plant too. Personally, we prefer plants over knick knacks as decor in our home.

Some of these things may be tedious to do, but you’ll be thankful for the cleaner, fresher, and less cluttered space that you’ll have afterwards. Happy spring! 🌸

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