Have I Been Doing The Work-Life Balance Thing Wrong?

View of tall buildings in the city

I have always been an advocate of work-life balance. I leave the office on time, and when I do, I really leave my work there. I don’t think about business analysis or business agility outside of the office, and I’ve always said that there’s more to life than work. But have I got it all wrong?

I always encounter people who seem to be very passionate about their work. They talk about it like it’s all they do, and for some reason I find that kind of inspiring. Like, how can someone be so in love with their work that they never tire of it? When they speak of their work, there’s fire in their eyes. And somehow, I would like to be that way too. I would like to be able to say a lot about my work aside from just saying it’s “tiring”. And I think to be able to do that, I should start with my mindset.

Here’s what I’m starting to ponder on: Work-life balance creates a divide among two aspects of your life, like your personal life cannot intermingle with your work life. It’s almost leaves an impression that one part of your life is bad / tiring (work) and one part is positive and something to look forward to (personal). But in reality, we just have one life, and all aspects of our lives are integrated. Now, I have to put a disclaimer here. I am not saying that you should start working outside of the office all the time, and I still believe that family comes first before work. But maybe I should start seeing work and personal life in a more holistic way, instead of having a siloed perspective. What I’m saying is, try to not overdo one thing over the other, but not keep them entirely separate either. If I am able to do that, perhaps work would be much more enjoyable (we are social creatures after all, who would love to have friends at work, rather than just being professional colleagues). Maybe I could apply business analysis and agile techniques in my personal life and Kanban board my personal goals and dreams too. 

How about you? Do you believe in work-life balance? What has worked for you, so far?

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