Where Can We Apply Minimalism?

View of Rangitoto from Takapuna Beach

You’ve probably already heard what the concept of minimalism is all about: keeping what’s important and discarding the rest. It’s about letting go of the excesses in our lives and focusing our attention to things that really matter. When we first think of minimalism, we automatically visualise decluttering our clothes, furniture, knick knacks, and other stuff. Yep, it usually starts there. However, minimalism isn’t just limited to material things. Below are 3 intangible things where we can apply minimalism as well.

“Today is the day to let go of things that no longer serve you.” – Amara Honeck

1. Schedule and commitments

We get used to having a fully booked calendar and a long to-do list. Aside from work, there are several social gatherings to attend to. A meeting here, a dinner party there… Before you know it, you’re already super drained (especially introverts) from all your commitments. Guess what: You can say “no”.

2. Digital space

Digital clutter can be difficult to spot because we only have our mobile phones and laptops. But have a good look at your apps, digital files, social accounts that you follow, and email subscriptions. Delete/unfollow/unsubscribe to those that don’t do you good or don’t need anymore.

3. Relationships

This can be a touchy subject, which is quite understandable, as this is deeply personal and everyone’s circumstances are different from each other. That being said, I believe that if a relationship has turned toxic and unhealthy (or one-sided, maybe), it is okay to let it go.

Have you tried (or wanted to try) minimalism? Where else do you apply minimalism in your life?

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