My First Gift Card For Answering Online Surveys

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor. I am just sharing what works for me in terms of personal finance.

Gift card and lamp in a coffee table

So here’s a quick story. I’ve been looking for ways to earn some extra income during my free time, without having to put in too much effort and work. I’ve heard about online surveys and how you can get rewards from it. I did my research, and started answering sponsored online surveys during my free time. Answering a survey can run anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. By answering surveys, you get points which you can then exchange for various rewards, depending on the online survey company that you sign up with. However, surveys to be answered aren’t always available, since it also depends on your demographic and lifestyle.

I am happy to report that I received a gift card worth 30.00NZD. Now, I know that that’s not a lot. But it’s my first reward, so I’m excited! I must admit, it takes a while to build a decent amount of points. It actually took me more than 6 months to be able to get this gift card. So no, this isn’t a feasible way to earn a lot, but it can give you some extra cash. Having said that, I only did it around 15-20 minutes a week, you can do it in any place that has an internet connection, and it’s basically free, so I’m definitely not complaining. I’ll continue doing this and try to get another gift card 😊

Do you have any other practical ways to earn extra cash during your free time? I would love to hear from you!

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