We Finally Got A Christmas Tree That’s Taller Than Me

Acrylic angel ornament in a Christmas tree

The Christmas season always makes me feel warm and giddy. There’s something about the decorations, the music, the gifts, and getting together with family and friends that make me feel like a little kid. My parents had a really nice tree, and our home would always be fully decorated. All the rooms would have some sort of Christmas thing in it and it made me really happy. Oh, and we still do the Santa Claus thing, even if everyone in the family is a grown-ass adult 😂

As someone whose favorite season of all time is Christmas (in the Philippines, we start putting up Christmas decors on September haha), it’s pretty special for me that after more than 3 years of marriage, the Mister and I finally got a Christmas tree taller than me – and I’m quite a short person! 

Acrylic ornament in a Christmas tree

Even though I always wanted a tall tree, I felt that it was a luxury. There are more practical ways to spend money on other than something 1.) whose only use is as a decoration, and 2.) will only be used a few months a year. So for our first tree in the Philippines, we just bought a 4-foot tree and a few ornaments. When we moved to New Zealand, we left our tree, and had to be really thrifty and frugal since we were basically starting a new life from scratch. I’m thankful that my auntie in NZ gave us an old mini Christmas tree, or else our tiny studio apartment would have been bare. That’s what we used for 2 years.

Now I am finally able to give in and get a proper tree! With this, I am grateful that we are now able to have a budget for this. I am grateful when I see how far we have come, and I’m excited for what’s in store in the future!

This might be too early for most people, but ‘tis the season, and warm wishes to you all! 💜

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