Unplug Yourself

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We live in a world where we are connected all the time. Technology (especially social media) has made it so easy for us to be connected with the rest of the world, to communicate with other people, and to share and see what’s happening with our lives. While all of that can be very helpful to us, we unfortunately have quite an unhealthy dependency on it as well. We have become used to being overloaded with information, which eventually leads to comparison, envy, and overconsumption.

With all this noise around us, we can’t even hear ourselves anymore. We are no longer aware of what we feel and what we need – do we need some rest? Some time alone, maybe? Do we need to work on a passion project to spark our excitement? Do we need a nice, long, chat with a friend? What makes you happy?

Sometimes we just need to unplug ourselves – regularly, even. It’s refreshing to disconnect from all the outside noise and reconnect with ourselves. Here are some ways that can help us become more present and live in the real world:

  • Do not start the day mindlessly scrolling through social media. When we do that, we consume other people’s thoughts and posts even before we have had our own thoughts for the day. 
  • Turn off social media notifications. You don’t need to know how many likes or comments you have in real time. 
  • Take a few minutes in your day to write something on your journal. Take time to listen to your heart. Write anything that comes to mind.
  • Spend time with nature. The beach, the trees, the sound of birds, sunlight – they can all do wonders to uplift you.

Yes, technology is amazing, and so is social media. We can learn so many things just by typing and doing a few clicks. It can be motivating, if we follow the right people. But life shouldn’t be lived online. Do real things that you enjoy and make you happier. Take breaks to notice your thoughts and listen to your inner voice instead of trying to copy someone else’s life, and come back feeling refreshed 💜

2 thoughts on “Unplug Yourself

    1. i used to unplug when i felt bad about myself, and scrolling through social media made it worse. but we don’t have to wait for that point before we go on some offline-time ☺️

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