The Path to Intentional and Simple Living Isn’t Easy

Overlooking the beach

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. For me, minimalism opens the door to simple and intentional living. It starts with letting go and purging your physical clutter. And then it creeps into other aspects of your life and you begin questioning the things you used to do in auto-pilot. In theory, simple and intentional living would mean being able to focus on what is important to you and discard the rest. But what is important? What are my values? What drives me to get up every morning?

Despite being on my minimalism journey for almost a year, I still can’t say that I fully live intentionally. There are still areas in my life where I don’t feel aligned with my heart. I don’t have a ready answer as to what my passion is, what I’m good at, and what I want to do. It took me a lot of self-reflection to get an answer, which still isn’t crystal clear at this point, and that answer can change as time passes too.

What I realised is that it’s okay to take your time. It is a journey, after all. As long as I take time to get to know myself everyday, and try to align my lifestyle with my values  – that, to me, is progress. Progress is progress, no matter how slow 💜

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