Grieving, But Grateful

Little white flowers

We lost our little one. I should have been 10 weeks along.

I was at the emergency room at 1:00AM, bleeding heavily. Later that day, I had an ultrasound scan and they didn’t find any heartbeat, and it looked like the baby stopped growing weeks ago.

While laying down at the ER, I think I already knew. Oddly enough, I was at peace. All I could think of was “Thank You, Lord.”

Thank You for letting me carry our little one, even for a short time. Thank You for giving us a really happy and exciting Christmas.

Thank You for The Mister, who has been so, so, good at taking care of me (and the household chores!), and was an absolute MVP. He was my comfort all week long, and he had gone over and above to make sure I was safe and okay.

I was a total mess the day we found out. No sleep, couldn’t eat, headache, and heaps of tears. But there has been so much love pouring from family and friends, and I am grateful 💜 Still recovering (physically and emotionally), but I will be up and running soon 😊

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