Feeling The Need To Declutter and Organise

Hallway with white walls and a dining room at the end

“Letting go of physical clutter also declutters mind and soul.” – April Williams

A few days ago, I felt kind of smothered at home, and it made me feel anxious. We really don’t have a home overflowing with stuff, but I just felt the need to declutter and organise; possibly because the events of the previous week has had me thinking and feeling a lot. 

So I did a little purging of our unused or expired stuff. I threw away a small tub of expired hummus, 5 pieces of toiletries, and some wilted vegetables. I placed 4 drinking bottles, a serving plate, and a beanie in our donate box. I also bought a file container (finally!) and went through our ecobag of documents, threw away a portion of the pile, and organised the rest.

But I still feel like I need to declutter more stuff. I plan to donate a few other stuff in the coming days – an old bread toaster, a weighing scale, and maybe baking pans that I have duplicates of. Somehow letting go of stuff makes me breathe easier, and more space gives me more energy.

How about you? How does decluttering make you feel?

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