Tips To Start Loving Mondays

Internation Convention Centre in Sydney

If you work Mondays to Fridays (or maybe even the weekend), you most probably have been hit by Monday blues on several occasions, if not every week. A study shows that people are most unhappy at 11:17AM on Mondays, so nope, you’re not alone. Even if this is the case, there can still be some little things that we can do to make your Mondays better.

  1. Do some prep work on Sunday

Get your packed lunch ready on Sunday night. Prepare your stuff and maybe even think about your outfit for the following day. This can take some of the stress off of Monday morning. Getting enough rest and sleep on Sunday will also definitely help.

  1. Enjoy a comforting drink

When you feel gloomy or lethargic, go and get yourself some hot chocolate, a cup or two of latte, or maybe your favorite tea. Mondays call for a little bit more comfort, so feel free to get that warm hug in a mug.

  1. Listen to your favorite playlist

When I am stumped at work and need to focus, I usually put on a jazz playlist. Music can help you power on through tough tasks, boost your mood, get in the zone, and minimise distractions. What’s your go-to playlist when you need to get things done? 

  1. Help someone out, or give someone a compliment

This might be the last thing you’d think of doing on a Monday, but a random act of kindness can make you feel happier and more fulfilled

  1. Be grateful that you “get to work” (as opposed to “have to work”)

You may not like Mondays (or even your work right now), but a shift in mindset can help. Remember the time when you were still praying to get a job. No matter how crappy your work is, believe it or not, someone else would love to have your job. The average unemployment rate for 2019 was 6.97%, with the highest being 27.86%.

Happy weekend and hope you have a better Monday! 👍

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