Thinking About When This Is All Over

Lemon, Cucumber, and Lemon Cucumber Water

We are at the halfway point of the level 4 lockdown restrictions in New Zealand (still unsure if this period will be extended or not). How are you doing so far? As we live our “new normal” lives, it got me thinking about when this is all over. 

What are the things in the “old normal” that we (the Mister and I) won’t go back to? 

  • Eating out a couple of times a week. Although we always have our Sunday brunch at a cafe and the usual Friday lunch with colleagues (and maybe dinner out after hearing Mass), we still get takeaways at least twice a week. I’m thinking to lessen that. Not only are we saving money and getting to prepare our own meals, but it will also make eating out much more special.

What are the things that we’re doing now that we will continue to do when this is all over?

  • Taking a walk after work. At 5pm, we pack up our laptops and go for a walk to get our fresh air for the day. It’s been doing us good, so I guess we should keep doing it.
  • Cooking a lot more. And baking the snacks for the following week, instead of buying packed biscuits.
  • Having a hot drink most nights. It’s usually some tea, and it’s just so cosy, especially while watching a TV series together, under a blanket (it’s currently autumn down here), on the couch.
  • Having lemon and cucumber in our water. 

How about you? Any thoughts? Hang in there and keep safe, everyone!

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