Anniversary In Isolation

Homemade rustic chocolate cake

A couple of days ago, the Mister and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in isolation. Normally, we would have packed our bags and spent a couple of days somewhere we haven’t been to, trying out different food and going on some walks. 

But not this year. Instead we had a homemade rustic chocolate cake, some pasta, and ribs for our “fancy dinner”. It’s not too bad though. I’m grateful that we are safe at home, instead of having to go out to work, or in a hospital. I’m grateful that we have food on the table and that we have access to clean water. 

I have to say though, isolation is taking its toll – emotionally and mentally. I like working from home, but I miss going out and visiting friends. If you are a hugger like me, you know what I mean. I have to always remind myself to celebrate the little blessings that we have. Hang in there people, and keep safe!

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