Little Steps Towards Reducing Waste

Cut up dried lemons used as decor

I have been taking baby steps in reducing our household waste in the past year. While being zero-waste and living sustainably would be the dream, I’m just doing what I can instead of trying to be perfect. 

I’m listing 9 simple ways that I’m reducing our waste. Well, I think that using eco bags when grocery shopping is a default, so I didn’t include that haha! Some of these aren’t that applicable especially during the lockdown. But you get the idea 😊

  1. Repurposing food that’s already supposed to go to the bin. For example, using the lemon that we already used in our lemon water as kitchen decor and regrowing spring onions for an unlimited supply.
  2. Bringing our water bottle when we leave the house. (If you can, please avoid buying bottled water.)
  3. Using a reusable coffee cup for takeaway coffee. 
  4. Keeping a food container in the car so we don’t need to ask for takeaway boxes.
  5. Reusing glass jars and bottles. Glass jars are very good food containers and bottles can make pretty vases.
  6. Cut up old towels and use them as rags instead of using lots of paper towel.
  7. Making my own facial wash and hair conditioner
  8. Opting for natural toiletries (soap, deodorant, toothbrush) that also come in more sustainable packaging. Of course, be sure to use up what you have first before buying new stuff.
  9. Making / baking our snacks instead of buying pre-packaged processed food.

Next things to do on my list are:

  • Bake our own bread. We’ll try it this week! We can’t get a hold of yeast, but we managed to get some self-raising flour, so we’ll see what happens.
  • Use vegetable scraps to make some stock
  • Make our own all-purpose house cleaner when we finish up the one that we currently use
  • Make some coffee body scrub

I’m still far from being zero-waste, but it is a journey that I am enjoying. If you know other sustainability tips, or recipes for DIY toiletries and cleaning products, I would love to hear it!

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