Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

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I was taking a look at our vision board and I suddenly thought, “Hmm.. we haven’t ticked anything off this year.” Of course, I felt a little bad afterwards. Thoughts like “what have you been doing?” came up. So yes, if my life was a TV series, it would be showing filler episodes right now – going through life, but no real victory. Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t horrible. In fact, in the present circumstances, I feel lucky and blessed. The Mister and I still get to keep our jobs, and we both work from home. But it’s not exciting and awesome either. Just so-so. I would think that this thought process is also encouraged by the lockdown restrictions over the past weeks. There’s the invisible pressure to be super productive and to achieve something, especially when you see people on social media who seem to be thriving and getting stuff done through this time. 

We (yes, including myself) must remember though, that we are in the middle of a crisis, and it’s okay to not be as productive as we first thought we would be. I mean, navigating through (and getting used to) the sudden change in our lifestyle is tiring enough. It’s okay if we’re not finding a new hobby, or taking an online class, or reading a new book. We are all coping differently, and that’s fine. We should take care of ourselves first – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Meeting our basic needs is not a waste of time. Re-establish our routines and take our time to get our groove back. We got this 😊

2 thoughts on “Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

  1. It’s like you’re describing my life right now! Not bad but definitely not doing much either. I think it’s okay to do nothing right now.

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