Tips To Stay Cosy At Home This Winter

A chair with faux fur, a side table with a lamp, some dried plants and books.

Temperatures are dropping here in the southern hemisphere. While I am not particularly a fan (honestly, I am just not made for the cold weather), there are some things we can do to feel cosier this winter. With us spending a lot of time at home nowadays, here are some things that I do to stay warm and comfy while at home.

  1. Layer up

Time to take out the beanies, socks, and sweaters, and layer up. I love piling on comfy fabrics (even a bathrobe when I get out of bed) and having a nice, thick, blanket on the couch.

  1. Have a hot beverage

This is usually the time when I indulge in a mug of hot cocoa. But feel free to choose your favorite hot beverage – a cappuccino, a flat white, or maybe a tea latte, perhaps?

  1. Use a hot water bottle

You can use a hot water bottle, a microwavable heat pack, or even put some hot water in a glass bottle (you can wrap it in some cloth if it’s too hot) and place/roll it under your feet, or on your back or shoulders. That warmth will feel good on your cold muscles.

  1. Get as much sunlight as you can during the day

Sunlight is scarce, so I try to make the most of it. I open up all the curtains and let the sunlight into the house. Aside from providing much-needed heat, it also gives me more energy when it’s bright and sunny outside.

  1. Tone down your lighting at night

At night, when we have finished our dinner and we’re just winding down, we don’t go for super bright lights. We usually keep a lamp or two on, and that’s it. While this doesn’t necessarily keep us warm, it does make our space feel a bit cosier. You can also throw in a couple of candles to have that extra hygge feeling.

  1. Make your home smell good

An easy way to do it is to diffuse oils. You can have some energising citrus-y scents during the day, and some calming lavender at night. Another way is to bake some bread. Nothing beats the smell (and taste!) of freshly-baked bread. The oven also adds some much-needed heat to the room as well, so that’s a super win!

Happy winter, and stay cosy everyone! 💜

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