Taupo Trip: Finally Taking Some Time Off

A red bicycle leaning on a fence, with Lake Taupo on the background

We haven’t been able to take a break since the Christmas holiday. During the lockdown, the Mister and I continued to work, maybe even more than before (which is a blessing, definitely!) We missed out on going on our anniversary trip due to the restrictions, but we were finally able to take a break last week.

Huka Falls (Taupo, New Zealand)
Huka Falls (Taupo, New Zealand)

We drove for 4 hours going to Taupo, which is in New Zealand’s Central North Island. Normally, we would jam our schedule with places to go and things to do. But for this trip, the goal was to take it easy. So that’s basically what we did. We slept in everyday and took our time having our breakfast. We went to some tourist attractions when we could, and just chilled when we couldn’t (we weren’t able to go and see the Maori carvings in Lake Taupo, nor go up the ski resort in Ruapehu either due to the weather). Still, we were able to do some walks, eat good food (got to eat some award-winning pies!) and even relax in a thermal hot pool.

Snowy mountain - view from Whakapapa Village
View from Whakapapa Village

I am so grateful for this time off. It feels good to not think of work and actually go somewhere we haven’t been to. Now, where shall we go next?

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