Having An Emergency Fund Has Kept My Peace Of Mind

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor. I am just sharing what works for me in terms of personal finance.

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I was recently made redundant at work. It’s not uncommon nowadays, with unemployment rates rising all over the world due to Covid-19. Of course, it initially caused me to feel stressed and overwhelmed, but that’s also mainly because I am dealing with other stuff aside from (actually, bigger than) work.

As I was able to get some headspace and do some numbers, I calmed down considerably. I realised that I didn’t have to worry about our finances that much, knowing that we have our emergency fund ready.

“Saving money is not about being able to buy bigger and better things. It is about being prepared to take care of your family.” – Dave Ramsey

It has already become our lifestyle to live below our means. Saving is a habit for myself and the Mister, and has really become second nature to us (Here’s a quick read if you’re new to saving, or want to get into the habit of saving money). Eventually, we were able to build our emergency fund. 

People say that saving money is a challenge because they feel deprived. On the contrary, saving has given me the biggest luxuries of all. Having that buffer has afforded me peace of mind – not having to think of where to get the money for our next meal, or for the upcoming bills to pay. More importantly, it has afforded me the choice to actually take my time and look around for the right opportunity, career-wise. 

So yes, I am taking this quiet time to do other stuff that I need (or want) to do but have put off while I was still busy with work. I’m trying to learn new things that interest me, taking care of our home, taking a much needed rest, and ultimately getting ready for the next gig.

Unemployment can definitely catch you off-guard. If you currently have a job (or a business), I highly recommend that you start building that emergency fund, if you haven’t yet. It really does take a huge load off your shoulders when things like these happen.

Here’s a quick hug to all those going through the same thing! Go fight win! 💜

2 thoughts on “Having An Emergency Fund Has Kept My Peace Of Mind

  1. For me, having money in savings is a great comfort. When you get really sick or think you might need major dental work… It’s nice to know it will be okay because you have money set aside just in case.

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