How To Make An Effective Grocery List (That You Won’t Forget To Bring)

We’ve all been there, in one point or another. We’re in the grocery because we need some eggs and milk. We pass by the snack aisle and there’s a buy 1 get 1 promo on the chips, so we get that. The pack of fizzy drinks is on sale too, of course we can use a couple of those. Then we think, do we need some cereals? Can’t quite remember if we have a box or two left. Better get a box just to be sure. A few more items and we’re out of the grocery – without the eggs and the milk.

Sound familiar? Going into the grocery without a plan a few times is okay. But doing it repeatedly can make you blow your budget on things that you don’t really need. Here’s a couple of tips on how to make an effective grocery list that you won’t forget to bring the next time you get your groceries.

A can of whole tomatoes, and vegetables (cucumber, capsicum, broccoli, onion, beans, and garlic) on a chopping board

Use the notepad application on your phone

Some people might want to use physical paper to list their needed items, but making use of your phone will greatly reduce the chances that you would forget your shopping list. You also don’t necessarily need to download a fancy checklist app on your phone. Your default notepad app will do.

Have a running list

If there is one thing that you would take away from this blog, it is this. You can have a running grocery list either on your phone or in paper, just put it somewhere accessible. Every time you almost (or completely) use something up – whether that be your last onion, your toothpaste, a can of cream, or a bottle of soy sauce – add it to the list ASAP. If you think that you’ll remember to get it by the time you do your shopping, you probably won’t. Don’t trust your memory that much (unless you’re really exceptional)! Having a running list will also decrease the chances of overstocking. 

Have a rough plan of what you’re cooking for the week

Buying perishable goods that you don’t get to cook/eat and ending up wilted at the bottom of your fridge drawer? That’s quite a common scenario. If you have an idea of what you’ll be cooking for the week, then you can buy just enough veggies, reducing food waste in the process. 

Order your list by aisle

If you go to the same grocery regularly, you would have an idea of where the products are placed. One tip that I find makes grocery shopping easier for me is to write the items in my shopping list in the order of how I walk through the grocery. This way, I don’t have to go back and forth to different aisles. One pass and done!

Hope these tips help! Did I miss anything? Add your own tips in the comments.

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