Spring Season: Getting Out Of Hibernation

“Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” – Anita Krizzan

Finally, spring is here (at least in the southern hemisphere)! It can still be a bit chilly in New Zealand, but I’m starting to see some flower buds here and there. Winter isn’t my favorite season and I’m not made for the cold, so I’m just happy it’s over.

Spring flowers

During the winter season, I am just a human potato. My energy dips, I wake up tired even if I just had 7-8 hours of sleep, and there are just days when it’s too difficult to get moving. And I give myself some leeway to be that way during the cold season. If only humans could hibernate, I would definitely do that. But now that spring is here, how do we get out of winter hibernation?

Spring clean your home

There’s so much humidity and stale air built up during the winter season. It’s time to open up the windows, let fresh air in, and give your home a good wipe down. Aside from cleaning the floors and walls, it’s also a good idea to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Decluttering and organising can make your home feel light and airy, and it just helps create that “fresh start” vibe. Just a tip though, you don’t have to do this all in one go. If you can, then that’s great. However, if the thought of decluttering and spring cleaning makes you feel overwhelmed, then by all means, take it a bit at a time.

Get moving (but it’s okay to start slow)

Start stretching and warming up. It has been a challenge to move during the winter season, when staying under the duvet sounds so tempting. But now that it’s starting to warm up, it’s easier to get up and move. And it’s okay to start slow, a little bit more movement everyday goes a long way. 

Get outdoors

More fresh air please! When the sun is out and the flowers are blooming, it’s always energising to go outside, especially after being cooped up indoors for months. Maybe have a picnic (if you are allowed), or take a nice walk and take in that Vitamin D. However, please still observe social distancing and stay within your bubble.

Let nature in

There’s an abundance of fresh flowers and foliage during spring. Take advantage of that and bring them indoors. Aside from being pretty (we mostly have plants as decor, instead of random knick knacks), there are also a bunch of indoor plants that clean and filter the air, so that’s a double win!

What’s the current season in the place that you live in? Are you loving the change in season?

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