Easy Minimalism Tips For Beginners

A simple, minimalist, modern lamp

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

There are so many resources out there talking about minimalism and its benefits such as having less stress, less distractions, less expenses, and more time to focus on important things, just to name a few. If you’ve stumbled upon this blog, then you most probably are already practicing minimalism, or it has gotten you interested, at least. If you’re new to minimalism or just learning about it, it can feel overwhelming to think about having to declutter all your belongings. So, where to begin? Hopefully, the tips below would be easy enough to help you get started on your minimalism journey, and to keep the momentum going.

Minimalism tips for beginners
  1. Discard broken / expired items

If something is broken (and you cannot or won’t repair it), and it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore, then it’s time to let it go. It can be as small as a pen that has run out of ink, or as big as an old heater that no longer provides warmth. Same goes for expired items that are already past their best condition and might even have harmful side effects when consumed, whether they be food, medicine, makeup, or toiletries.

2. Dispose of duplicates

Most often than not, we just need one set of measuring cups and spoons, not three. Same goes for rolling pins and spatulas. Do you have a multi-cooker, a slow cooker, and an Instapot? How many winter jackets do you really need? If many items do the same thing, consider keeping one and disposing / donating the rest. Of course, you might need more than just one pair of jeans, but you get the idea.

3. See if you can use anything you own before buying

Here’s a tip to stop clutter from even entering your home. Before you decide to buy something, just take a minute to think if you have something that you already have in your home that you can use. A timely example would be Halloween costumes. Instead of buying a costume plus accessories every year, take a look if there’s something in your closet that you can put together.

4. Start with decluttering the easy stuff

This could be just your bag, or office or bedside drawer. You’ll probably find some random receipts, crumpled tissue, and loose change somewhere in there. Start small if you need to. With practice, it will eventually be easier to detach from your material possessions and let go of the things that no longer suit your aesthetic or lifestyle. 

5. Enjoy the calm and relief it brings, then repeat from the top

The first time I decluttered my closet, I felt a sense of calm and relief. Like it was easier to breath. With the things that you have gotten rid of, there are lesser things to clean and organise, and more free time for the important stuff (not necessarily material things) in your life. As you can see, minimalism isn’t a one time thing, but an ongoing practice. As you start to consistently declutter and purchase intentionally, you’ll find that it gets easier until it’s no longer as overwhelming as you thought it would be.

Good luck!

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