Getting Back At It

A notebook, a pen, a candle, and some dried plants

Oh, hello there! I haven’t been active for a while, both on this blog and on IG. There were so many things happening so fast, it was quite a whirlwind for the past 3 months. One major reason for the online absence is.. (*drum roll*) we got our rainbow baby on the way! I’m halfway through the pregnancy now, and while we are super grateful for this huge blessing, it did take a toll on my energy. The first trimester was a cycle of sleep – eat (a bit) – nausea – repeat. All I did was lay down all day, so cleaning the house, cooking, and doing other chores took a back seat. (Shout out to the Mister for stepping up during this time!) There were also days when I knew I had to take care of my mental and emotional health, because some days were dark, possibly made worse by all these hormones. Naturally, taking photos, and writing blogs and captions were the last thing on my mind. 

Baby onesie surrounded by Christmas decorations

I have only been getting back my energy these past weeks, so here we are! There’s still so many things to do and figure out (I mean, we haven’t bought ANY baby stuff yet!), as well as planning and working towards our future plans. But I’m just taking it one day at a time. One thing these past months have taught me is to be kinder to myself. I tend to beat myself up for being unproductive. But I have to remind myself that I am doing some pro-creating work, which is not a walk in the park either, and that THAT takes the highest priority right now. 

“Become more aware of what’s really worth your energy.” – Unknown

That being said, I hope I could still write and post content that could be helpful to others – at least until the Bubba comes and I’ll have my hands super full again! I have yet to brainstorm on topics and ideas, so we’ll see. 😊 Other than that, I wish you all a great year ahead – much, much better than the crazy year that just happened. Sending love to you all! 💜

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