Easy Hygge Tips For Autumn

The Little Book of Hygge

Autumn has arrived here in New Zealand. The foliage is starting to change its color, and the temperature is starting to drop – not too much, but it’s definitely not summer anymore. While I mostly dislike gloomy days, there are easy ways to bring in some cosiness into our home. In comes hygge (pronounced as hoo-gah or hue-guh), which is the Danish word to describe the feeling of warmth and cosiness. Simple things can really help replace the gloom with warmth. Here are some hygge tips to up the cosiness vibe this autumn.

Easy hygge tips for autumn

Warm, soft lighting

Soft lighting is essential to hygge. When it gets dark outside, turn off the harsh, bright lights and switch to candles, soft lamps, and twinkle lights. Personally, once we finish cleaning up for dinner, our living space is just lit by a single lamp, plus maybe the light from the oil diffuser. It sets us up for a more relaxing evening.

Bake some homemade bread or pastry

While good food is also a big part of hygge, the act of making something delicious out of nothing can be a heart-warming activity, especially when done for, or with, family and friends. And that delicious aroma that will fill the kitchen (or whole house) is a big plus.

Indulge in warm or hot beverages

Whether it be a big mug of hot chocolate, a cup of coffee, a pot of tea or whatever latte flavor that you can think of, indulge in it and feel the warmth envelop you. If you prefer something more spice-infused, you can try some mulled wine (also called gløgg).

Bring out the cosy blankets and socks

Bundle up and sit by the fireplace (or heater), and read a good book. 

Do some arts and crafts

If arts and crafts are your thing (or even if it isn’t), you can do some knitting, painting, scrapbooking, making some autumn-scented candles, or whatever you like. Just the slow process of making something can be heartwarming.

Slow down

Cold weather is the time for us to slow down. Since humans don’t hibernate, we can instead put on some  brakes, and give ourselves the chance to rest and enjoy the simple things in life.

How do you stay cosy during the cold season?

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