Taupo Trip: Finally Taking Some Time Off

We haven’t been able to take a break since the Christmas holiday. During the lockdown, the Mister and I continued to work, maybe even more than before (which is a blessing, definitely!) We missed out on going on our anniversary trip due to the restrictions, but we were finally able to take a break last … Continue reading Taupo Trip: Finally Taking Some Time Off

Going Back to (Almost) Normal

First of all, well done New Zealand! That was a massive feat, having no active Covid-19 cases for weeks. This has allowed us to go down to Alert Level 1 - gathering and social distancing restrictions have been lifted, shops and restaurants are open, and people are going back to their places of work. I … Continue reading Going Back to (Almost) Normal

Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

I was taking a look at our vision board and I suddenly thought, “Hmm.. we haven’t ticked anything off this year.” Of course, I felt a little bad afterwards. Thoughts like “what have you been doing?” came up. So yes, if my life was a TV series, it would be showing filler episodes right now … Continue reading Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

My Thoughts On Mother’s Day

It’s a few days late, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome super mummas on the planet! I hope you were all able to feel the love and the celebration of your motherhood! Virtual hugs to you all! 💜 Okay, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but personally, Mother’s Day was a … Continue reading My Thoughts On Mother’s Day

Anniversary In Isolation

A couple of days ago, the Mister and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in isolation. Normally, we would have packed our bags and spent a couple of days somewhere we haven’t been to, trying out different food and going on some walks.  But not this year. Instead we had a homemade rustic chocolate cake, some … Continue reading Anniversary In Isolation