Going Back to (Almost) Normal

First of all, well done New Zealand! That was a massive feat, having no active Covid-19 cases for weeks. This has allowed us to go down to Alert Level 1 - gathering and social distancing restrictions have been lifted, shops and restaurants are open, and people are going back to their places of work. I … Continue reading Going Back to (Almost) Normal

Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

I was taking a look at our vision board and I suddenly thought, “Hmm.. we haven’t ticked anything off this year.” Of course, I felt a little bad afterwards. Thoughts like “what have you been doing?” came up. So yes, if my life was a TV series, it would be showing filler episodes right now … Continue reading Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

My Thoughts On Mother’s Day

It’s a few days late, but Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome super mummas on the planet! I hope you were all able to feel the love and the celebration of your motherhood! Virtual hugs to you all! 💜 Okay, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but personally, Mother’s Day was a … Continue reading My Thoughts On Mother’s Day

Anniversary In Isolation

A couple of days ago, the Mister and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in isolation. Normally, we would have packed our bags and spent a couple of days somewhere we haven’t been to, trying out different food and going on some walks.  But not this year. Instead we had a homemade rustic chocolate cake, some … Continue reading Anniversary In Isolation

Thinking About When This Is All Over

We are at the halfway point of the level 4 lockdown restrictions in New Zealand (still unsure if this period will be extended or not). How are you doing so far? As we live our “new normal” lives, it got me thinking about when this is all over.  What are the things in the “old … Continue reading Thinking About When This Is All Over