Homemade Pesto Recipe

Ever since the Mister started our mini-garden, we’ve had a whole bunch of basil readily available to us – except maybe this winter, when most of them didn’t survive 😅. But anyway, we’ve already had 2 jars of homemade pesto that we use for pastas and pizzas – and oh, we do love our pizza! … More Homemade Pesto Recipe

Can a Minimalist Have High Ambitions?

Minimalism and ambition. These two concepts may seem contradictory. Doesn’t minimalism tell you to want less? Doesn’t it talk about having less material things, less busy schedules, and less clutter? Personally, I believe minimalism can fuel your drive towards your goal, and that you can be a minimalist and still have high ambitions. A common … More Can a Minimalist Have High Ambitions?