Sneaky Ways To Save Without Feeling Deprived

Saving money may not come naturally for some people. Just the conscious effort of saving can make a person feel cheap and deprived. Thinking of saving long term can make it seem even more challenging! However, saving money doesn’t have to feel miserable. Here are some sneaky, little ways to save a couple of bucks without making you feel deprived. … More Sneaky Ways To Save Without Feeling Deprived

How To Keep Your Christmas Expenses In Check

According to statistics, American households spent an average of $1,536 during the Christmas holiday period in 2018. That’s more than the minimum monthly gross wage. Yes, the holiday season usually means decorations, parties, trips, get-togethers, and gift-giving. Surely, there will be a lot of expenses during this time. That’s why it’s better to plan for it, and to keep your expenses in check so you don’t go overboard. … More How To Keep Your Christmas Expenses In Check

My First Gift Card For Answering Online Surveys

So here’s a quick story. I’ve been looking for ways to earn some extra income during my free time, without having to put in too much effort and work. I’ve heard about online surveys and how you can get rewards from it. I did my research, and started answering sponsored online surveys during my free time. Answering a survey can run anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. By answering surveys, you get points which you can then exchange for various rewards, depending on the online survey company that you sign up with. However, surveys to be answered aren’t always available, since it also depends on your demographic and lifestyle. … More My First Gift Card For Answering Online Surveys

Personal Finance: Be Honest With Yourself

When it comes to our financial situation, it can be really easy to turn a blind eye and lie to ourselves, especially when we feel stuck in an already bad position. There are many ways that we can do this, such as avoiding looking at our bills, justifying our financial decisions, even if we already know that it’s a bad decision, telling ourselves that we’re not spending that much (because we’re using a credit card), pointing fingers and blaming our circumstances, expecting/waiting for someone else to pay off our debt, and telling ourselves that it’s not a big deal. … More Personal Finance: Be Honest With Yourself

Money and Relationships: How to Mix the Two

They say that love is all you need to have a great relationship. But in reality, it takes a whole lot more than that. When there’s nothing left to eat and no roof over your head, the financial stress it brings can make love go out the window. Now, not a lot of people want to talk about money and relationships at the same time, because, admittedly, it’s the least romantic thing to talk about. But that is precisely why money problems is one of the biggest reasons why marriages end. … More Money and Relationships: How to Mix the Two

Let’s Talk About Money: Break the Taboo

Money is a big part of our lives. We use it everyday to buy our necessities and luxuries. We use it to pay for our education, our food, our house/rent, among other things. So why don’t a lot of families talk about it? There is a mindset that talking about money is rude and embarrassing. This is especially true in Filipino culture, and I bet it’s the same for other cultures as well. … More Let’s Talk About Money: Break the Taboo

Saving Money for Beginners

If you can barely pay your bills and are just scraping by every month, saving money will probably be last thing on your mind. It’s true that it is much easier to spend than to save. Unfortunately, life is very unpredictable and unforeseen things happen that can put a huge dent on your finances – sometimes prompting you to get a loan. And with a loan comes interest, and you get caught in a vicious cycle of burying yourself in debt. Having a good amount of savings can lessen the financial effect of having these emergencies. … More Saving Money for Beginners

How To Start Getting Your Finances Sorted

Personal finance can seem overwhelming. Just thinking of those numbers and columns can make people run the other way. Most of the time, this thought of having a big, daunting, responsibility can be terrifying, that’s why they don’t even bother to look at their financial situation anymore. However, the longer that you look away and sweep it under the rug, the bigger responsibility you’ll inevitably have to face in the future. … More How To Start Getting Your Finances Sorted