Let’s Talk About Money: Break the Taboo

Money is a big part of our lives. We use it everyday to buy our necessities and luxuries. We use it to pay for our education, our food, our house/rent, among other things. So why don’t a lot of families talk about it? There is a mindset that talking about money is rude and embarrassing. This is especially true in Filipino culture, and I bet it’s the same for other cultures as well.

Saving Money for Beginners

If you can barely pay your bills and are just scraping by every month, saving money will probably be last thing on your mind. It’s true that it is much easier to spend than to save. Unfortunately, life is very unpredictable and unforeseen things happen that can put a huge dent on your finances - sometimes prompting you to get a loan. And with a loan comes interest, and you get caught in a vicious cycle of burying yourself in debt. Having a good amount of savings can lessen the financial effect of having these emergencies.

How To Start Getting Your Finances Sorted

Personal finance can seem overwhelming. Just thinking of those numbers and columns can make people run the other way. Most of the time, this thought of having a big, daunting, responsibility can be terrifying, that’s why they don’t even bother to look at their financial situation anymore. However, the longer that you look away and sweep it under the rug, the bigger responsibility you’ll inevitably have to face in the future.