Self-Improvement Begins With Self-Awareness

I always believed that a person should not stop improving, no matter what his age or stage in life is. Even if you are an expert in your chosen field or own a hugely successful business, there are still other aspects of your life that you can improve on. It can be changing a bad … Continue reading Self-Improvement Begins With Self-Awareness

Productivity Slump: What You Can Do About It

I always try my best to make every day productive - whether it’s doing my work, writing a blog, or doing household chores. However, there are just days when I have zero inspiration and I fall on a productivity slump, and it can happen to anyone. Even the most productive and efficient people can have … Continue reading Productivity Slump: What You Can Do About It

How Traveling Can Become a Personal Development Experience

Every year, the Mister and I aim to travel at least once internationally and maybe once or twice domestically. It’s important for us to take a break from the daily grind, and take time to explore new places and have new experiences. Aside from being beneficial to your health, traveling can also become a great … Continue reading How Traveling Can Become a Personal Development Experience

Tips to Decrease Decision Fatigue

Imagine this: When you wake up on a Monday morning, what are you going to have for breakfast - some toast, pancakes, or oatmeal? What will you be drinking - coffee or tea? What will you be wearing to work? Does this black top look better than this blue one? Which bag will you use … Continue reading Tips to Decrease Decision Fatigue

Start Before You’re Ready

I have wanted to start a blog last year, 2018. I would brainstorm to think of different blog names, topics, and ideas. I’d write down words and see which ones strike me. This went on for months and months. Until finally, I told myself “Girl, quit stalling and just buy the damn domain already.” “The … Continue reading Start Before You’re Ready