Anniversary In Isolation

A couple of days ago, the Mister and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in isolation. Normally, we would have packed our bags and spent a couple of days somewhere we haven’t been to, trying out different food and going on some walks.  But not this year. Instead we had a homemade rustic chocolate cake, some … Continue reading Anniversary In Isolation

Appreciating The Ordinary

It’s always awesome to celebrate our big milestones and successes. Got a job promotion? Well done! Started a new business venture? Good on you! Bought a house? Have some friends come over! Got married or had a baby? That calls for a huge celebration!  Of course, it’s easy to highlight these milestones, but in reality, … Continue reading Appreciating The Ordinary

We Finally Got A Christmas Tree That’s Taller Than Me

The Christmas season always makes me feel warm and giddy. There’s something about the decorations, the music, the gifts, and getting together with family and friends that make me feel like a little kid. My parents had a really nice tree, and our home would always be fully decorated. All the rooms would have some … Continue reading We Finally Got A Christmas Tree That’s Taller Than Me

Gratitude When Times Are Tough

It’s easy to be grateful when everything in life is going well - when you are getting ahead in your career, when you are in a loving relationship, when you continuously receive countless blessings. But it gets a lot harder to feel gratitude when you are going through some difficult times. It even seems counterintuitive. … Continue reading Gratitude When Times Are Tough

What Do I Want For My Birthday?

The Mister asked me what I wanted for my birthday. In the past, it probably would have been some new gadget, or jewelry, or maybe some new clothes. I thought about it for a couple of days... I wanted some new shoes, but I found nothing that I particularly loved. I definitely don’t need a … Continue reading What Do I Want For My Birthday?