Appreciating The Ordinary

It’s always awesome to celebrate our big milestones and successes. Got a job promotion? Well done! Started a new business venture? Good on you! Bought a house? Have some friends come over! Got married or had a baby? That calls for a huge celebration!  Of course, it’s easy to highlight these milestones, but in reality, … Continue reading Appreciating The Ordinary

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

“Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack.”-  Brandon Sanderson We will almost always have expectations - whether it be about our career, where we are at in life, and even in our relationships. By a certain age, I should be married with kids, I should … Continue reading Expectations Lead to Disappointment

Have I Been Doing The Work-Life Balance Thing Wrong?

I have always been an advocate of work-life balance. I leave the office on time, and when I do, I really leave my work there. I don’t think about business analysis or business agility outside of the office, and I've always said that there's more to life than work. But have I got it all … Continue reading Have I Been Doing The Work-Life Balance Thing Wrong?

Helping Someone Can Make You Happy

During those days that you feel down and sad, give this a try: ask yourself “How can I help?” Now, I know that most often than not, we’d rather just hibernate and immerse ourselves in all the negative emotions. That’s okay. I believe that we do need to feel these things before we feel better. … Continue reading Helping Someone Can Make You Happy

A Slow, Quiet, Day Alone At Home (And an Epiphany)

Recently, I got a day off from work just to spend a slow, quiet day at home. I've been having headaches, and I felt exhausted. My body, mind, and heart have been telling me to slow down and reassess my life. Although I don’t work overtime, I would always feel emotionally and mentally drained after … Continue reading A Slow, Quiet, Day Alone At Home (And an Epiphany)