Easy Hygge Tips For Autumn

Autumn has arrived here in New Zealand. The foliage is starting to change its color, and the temperature is starting to drop - not too much, but it’s definitely not summer anymore. While I mostly dislike gloomy days, there are easy ways to bring in some cosiness into our home. In comes hygge (pronounced as … Continue reading Easy Hygge Tips For Autumn

How To Make Your Home A Place Of Rest

Whether you’re out having a busy day at work, or working from home, it’s nice to be able to relax and unwind at home after a tiring day. What makes a house a restful place? For me, it’s about being uncluttered, not too busy, light, and airy. Admittedly, this takes a little bit of discipline, … Continue reading How To Make Your Home A Place Of Rest

Tips To Stay Cosy At Home This Winter

Temperatures are dropping here in the southern hemisphere. While I am not particularly a fan (honestly, I am just not made for the cold weather), there are some things we can do to feel cosier this winter. With us spending a lot of time at home nowadays, here are some things that I do to … Continue reading Tips To Stay Cosy At Home This Winter

Embracing Winter with Hygge

Winter isn’t my favorite season. I don’t particularly like long nights and short days. Or maybe because I’m used to relating winter to Christmas (which is my ultimate favorite season of all), but unfortunately, Christmas in the southern hemisphere happens during summer. However, I have found that there are ways to actually enjoy this cold … Continue reading Embracing Winter with Hygge