Spring Season: Getting Out Of Hibernation

"Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer." - Anita Krizzan Finally, spring is here (at least in the southern hemisphere)! It can still be a bit chilly in New Zealand, but I’m starting to see some flower buds here and there. Winter isn’t my favorite season and I’m not … Continue reading Spring Season: Getting Out Of Hibernation

Going Back to (Almost) Normal

First of all, well done New Zealand! That was a massive feat, having no active Covid-19 cases for weeks. This has allowed us to go down to Alert Level 1 - gathering and social distancing restrictions have been lifted, shops and restaurants are open, and people are going back to their places of work. I … Continue reading Going Back to (Almost) Normal

Struggling With Slow Living

Lately, I have been having some mild anxiety. There are so many things on my mind - both work-wise and personal (although working for more than a year on a “death march” project is definitely taking its toll). I always feel like I have to rush to get things done, and that a lot of … Continue reading Struggling With Slow Living

The Path to Intentional and Simple Living Isn’t Easy

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. For me, minimalism opens the door to simple and intentional living. It starts with letting go and purging your physical clutter. And then it creeps into other aspects of your life and you begin questioning the things you used to do in auto-pilot. In theory, simple and intentional living … Continue reading The Path to Intentional and Simple Living Isn’t Easy

5 Things That Living Abroad Has Taught Me

It’s been more than 2 years since the Mister and I packed up and left our home country to live abroad. Yes, it was daunting, and it was definitely a leap of faith. Of course, going through a life-changing experience like this can teach anyone an important lesson or two. I’ve listed 5 things that … Continue reading 5 Things That Living Abroad Has Taught Me