Tips To Stay Cosy At Home This Winter

Temperatures are dropping here in the southern hemisphere. While I am not particularly a fan (honestly, I am just not made for the cold weather), there are some things we can do to feel cosier this winter. With us spending a lot of time at home nowadays, here are some things that I do to … Continue reading Tips To Stay Cosy At Home This Winter

Date, Nut, and Cocoa Balls Recipe

Hereโ€™s an easy, no-bake, snack / dessert that you can prep and enjoy for the week (or next couple of days). The recipe is very flexible, and you can add in whatever ingredient you fancy - maybe some seeds or chocolate chips. Ingredients 1 cup dates1 cup nuts (Feel free to use whatever nuts you … Continue reading Date, Nut, and Cocoa Balls Recipe

Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe

I've seen coffee bean cookie recipes on YouTube and on the net for some time now. I thought they are too cute (arenโ€™t they?!) and always wanted to try making some. The recipe below is based on BakeAlishโ€™s recipe, with a few tweaks to suit my taste better.  Ingredients 3-5 grams instant coffee powder / … Continue reading Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe

Honey Lavender Facial Wash Recipe

Okay, so thatโ€™s not a bottle of cold brew coffee in the photo ๐Ÿ˜„ I just re-used an old bottle for this little DIY facial wash. The season is changing from summer to autumn here in New Zealand, and the big changes in temperature, plus stress, always trigger my eczema. I find that my usual … Continue reading Honey Lavender Facial Wash Recipe

Taking A Much Needed Break: Queenstown Trip

View from Queenstown Hill Summit, overlooking Lake Wakatipu After months of really hard work, we finally took a week-long break and went on a trip. Itโ€™s just really refreshing to just not open my laptop and not read work emails for 7 days. We booked a flight to Queenstown and rented an Airbnb just outside … Continue reading Taking A Much Needed Break: Queenstown Trip