Do I Still Practise Minimalism During Lockdown?

With the lockdown restrictions implemented in New Zealand, it’s quite easy to give in and go panic buying for groceries (remember the toilet paper frenzy?) I must admit, once the cases started going up, I was tempted to rush to the supermarket and stock up. Thankfully, we realised that most people would go to the … More Do I Still Practise Minimalism During Lockdown?

The Path to Intentional and Simple Living Isn’t Easy

Simple does not necessarily mean easy. For me, minimalism opens the door to simple and intentional living. It starts with letting go and purging your physical clutter. And then it creeps into other aspects of your life and you begin questioning the things you used to do in auto-pilot. In theory, simple and intentional living … More The Path to Intentional and Simple Living Isn’t Easy

Where Can We Apply Minimalism?

You’ve probably already heard what the concept of minimalism is all about: keeping what’s important and discarding the rest. It’s about letting go of the excesses in our lives and focusing our attention to things that really matter. When we first think of minimalism, we automatically visualise decluttering our clothes, furniture, knick knacks, and other … More Where Can We Apply Minimalism?

Minimalism Looks Different For Everyone

When we think of minimalism, we often visualise the following scenarios: Bare and white house interiors Owning super few pieces of clothing in neutral colors Becoming a nomad Becoming vegan / zero-waste While there is nothing wrong with these (I personally am working towards reducing waste), thinking that minimalism has to look like this can … More Minimalism Looks Different For Everyone

Can a Minimalist Have High Ambitions?

Minimalism and ambition. These two concepts may seem contradictory. Doesn’t minimalism tell you to want less? Doesn’t it talk about having less material things, less busy schedules, and less clutter? Personally, I believe minimalism can fuel your drive towards your goal, and that you can be a minimalist and still have high ambitions. A common … More Can a Minimalist Have High Ambitions?