Gratitude When Times Are Tough

It’s easy to be grateful when everything in life is going well - when you are getting ahead in your career, when you are in a loving relationship, when you continuously receive countless blessings. But it gets a lot harder to feel gratitude when you are going through some difficult times. It even seems counterintuitive. … Continue reading Gratitude When Times Are Tough

Starting a Gratitude Journal

We are currently living in a world where busyness is glorified, bad news is present everyday, people feel more disconnected, and social media triggers comparison and envy. No wonder a lot more people are lonelier today than before. However, with all this negativity around us, we can still choose to see the positive. We can … Continue reading Starting a Gratitude Journal

Everything Happens at the Perfect Time

I am always trying to fill my calendar with as much productive stuff as possible - either for work, home chores, or other side projects. I do put it a fun activity in my calendar once in a while, but you know what I mean. We only have so many hours in a day and … Continue reading Everything Happens at the Perfect Time