Taupo Trip: Finally Taking Some Time Off

We haven’t been able to take a break since the Christmas holiday. During the lockdown, the Mister and I continued to work, maybe even more than before (which is a blessing, definitely!) We missed out on going on our anniversary trip due to the restrictions, but we were finally able to take a break last … Continue reading Taupo Trip: Finally Taking Some Time Off

Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

I was taking a look at our vision board and I suddenly thought, “Hmm.. we haven’t ticked anything off this year.” Of course, I felt a little bad afterwards. Thoughts like “what have you been doing?” came up. So yes, if my life was a TV series, it would be showing filler episodes right now … Continue reading Feeling The Need to Achieve During Lockdown?

Honey Lavender Facial Wash Recipe

Okay, so that’s not a bottle of cold brew coffee in the photo 😄 I just re-used an old bottle for this little DIY facial wash. The season is changing from summer to autumn here in New Zealand, and the big changes in temperature, plus stress, always trigger my eczema. I find that my usual … Continue reading Honey Lavender Facial Wash Recipe

Struggling With Slow Living

Lately, I have been having some mild anxiety. There are so many things on my mind - both work-wise and personal (although working for more than a year on a “death march” project is definitely taking its toll). I always feel like I have to rush to get things done, and that a lot of … Continue reading Struggling With Slow Living

Tips To Start Loving Mondays

If you work Mondays to Fridays (or maybe even the weekend), you most probably have been hit by Monday blues on several occasions, if not every week. A study shows that people are most unhappy at 11:17AM on Mondays, so nope, you’re not alone. Even if this is the case, there can still be some … Continue reading Tips To Start Loving Mondays