Simplifying Your Task List

There will always be stuff to do - whether at work or at home. There are times when the list of things we have to tackle is never ending. And when we have a long list of things to do, it can overwhelm us, and we are usually stretched beyond our capacity. Personally, I try … Continue reading Simplifying Your Task List

Energy Management vs. Time Management

We’ve all heard about time management and how it can increase our productivity by managing our task list and schedule. But there have been articles about energy management as well, and why it may be more important than time management. You can’t be turbo-charged for long periods of time. You  may be super productive for … Continue reading Energy Management vs. Time Management

How I Use My Personal Kanban Board

"Kanban" originates from Japanese words which roughly translate as “card”, “billboard”, or “visual signal”. The Kanban methodology was originally used by Toyota to make their manufacturing processes more efficient and lean. It makes use of a Kanban board which is an easy way to visualise the things you need to do, what is currently being … Continue reading How I Use My Personal Kanban Board

Are You A T-Shaped Person?

No, it’s not a kind of body type or shape. Being T-shaped is something that describes a person’s breadth and depth of knowledge and skills. The horizontal stroke shows his range of disciplines, knowledge, and skills, while the vertical stroke shows the depth of knowledge. A T-shaped person has broad skills and experience across several … Continue reading Are You A T-Shaped Person?

The Day Isn’t Over After Your 9 To 5

For a lot of people having 9 to 5 jobs, we often look forward to going home and relaxing after a hard day at work. (Of course, if you have to take care of kids after work, that’s a whole other job. Kudos to you!) Maybe have some takeaway dinner, binge watch a TV series, … Continue reading The Day Isn’t Over After Your 9 To 5