Beginner Mistakes When Trying To Become Zero Waste

As someone who has been learning about sustainable living for less than a year, I could say that I am still a beginner when it comes to living sustainably and being zero waste. There are so many resources online talking about this topic (One of my favorites would be Christine of Simply by Christine). Of … Continue reading Beginner Mistakes When Trying To Become Zero Waste

Homemade Granola Recipe

Although I know that oats are good for our body, I just can’t stand the usual oatmeal’s mushy texture. So I used to just make oat cookies out of them (I still do)! However, I figured that making granola serves the same purpose of taking away that unpleasant (for me) texture, so I gave that … Continue reading Homemade Granola Recipe

Date, Nut, and Cocoa Balls Recipe

Here’s an easy, no-bake, snack / dessert that you can prep and enjoy for the week (or next couple of days). The recipe is very flexible, and you can add in whatever ingredient you fancy - maybe some seeds or chocolate chips. Ingredients 1 cup dates1 cup nuts (Feel free to use whatever nuts you … Continue reading Date, Nut, and Cocoa Balls Recipe

Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe

I've seen coffee bean cookie recipes on YouTube and on the net for some time now. I thought they are too cute (aren’t they?!) and always wanted to try making some. The recipe below is based on BakeAlish’s recipe, with a few tweaks to suit my taste better.  Ingredients 3-5 grams instant coffee powder / … Continue reading Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe

Little Steps Towards Reducing Waste

I have been taking baby steps in reducing our household waste in the past year. While being zero-waste and living sustainably would be the dream, I’m just doing what I can instead of trying to be perfect.  I’m listing 9 simple ways that I’m reducing our waste. Well, I think that using eco bags when … Continue reading Little Steps Towards Reducing Waste